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Email API For Verification & Validation

Sample Ways To Use Our Email API

Free API Demo

  • If you run lead generation websites, forums, and blogs. Our Email API will minimize your visitors from entering false emails or typos.
  • Have E-Commerce shopping carts or checkout systems. Then our API will let your customers enter a valid email address and receive their order details. This saves your business crucial customer service time.
  • If you run a Customer Service Call Center. Our Email Verification API will give your business an ability to add real-time validation to customer email collection.
  • Have a SaaS, online service or social media product. Any service that requires a user’s email during signup then our Email Validation API will work for you.

email verification api

Email API Technical Specs

Use our API on any platform. Completely web based and can be pulled using standard protocols like SOAP, POST and GET. If your system can parse XML, then it can work very easy with our API which is built to work with most all needs.

  • Microsoft™ WCF implementation supported.
  • Verify emails down to the mailbox level in real-time.
  • Even get MX records for a domain, along with mail servers and metrics.
  • We validate email syntax and quickly check the syntax of any email address.


If however you are a technical team member looking for a email verification API for a business or contractor doing so, then our Email Verification API is right for you. You can sign-up below to get instant API key delivery and setup documentation. Or contact us to get any questions you might have answered before starting or for a custom amounts of API calls above 10,000 daily.


API For Email Verification Pricing

API Small
1 - 500 Calls Daily
API Standard
501 - 1000 Calls Daily
API Advanced
1001 - 2500 Calls Daily
API Professional
2501 - 5000 Calls Daily
API Enterprise
5001 - 7500 Calls Daily
API Corporate
5001 - 7500 Calls Daily

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