Uber email address hack list

Do You Have Stolen Uber Email Addresses On Your List?

A recently discovered Uber email address hack in 2016 has now been uncovered and email addresses for 57 million people were among the personal data points exposed for the transportation company. There is a chance some of these stolen emails could be on your email marketing list and the people that owned those email addresses have switched accounts and deleted the old stolen email account or abandon them instead. The good news is that you can remove those old stolen Uber emails off your customer lists if they are no longer valid or active by servicing your lists with a bulk email verifier. According to MediaPost “The theft did not… Read More

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5 email marketing tools to boost sales

Top 5 Awesome Email Marketing Tools to Boost Your Sales

Wow! There are almost 270 Billion email sending and receiving events that happen every day! Email marketing is more effective and powerful than any other marketing tool you can find. That’s still true for 2018. So why not fire up your email marketing and target your customers with these 5 awesome tools that are sure to improve your sales results! BulkEmailVerifier.com BulkEmailVerifier.com is an online service, nothing to install or download, and you can instantly start purging bad email addresses off your list for good. What happens after that os amazing! You’ll be left with high converting and active customers who want to hear about what you are selling. Before… Read More

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