Scurbbing your email list through a online scrub service like ours, your invalid emails will be instantly removed and you are given back only the true emails that are still existent and customers who are eager to hear about your products or services. Those valid emails are your customer based and where your sales remains.

The email address has become disposable, especially to the latest generation of Internet users who will start a new address like it is nothing because of the high availability of free email service providers like Yahoo, Hotmail , Outlook, Gmail, and many others. Not to mention the continued high employment turnover rates around the globe in a still fragile global economy in recovery mode that leaves business emails to be questioned for accuracy on your contacts.

Reducing invalid emails on your list keeps your message going to real people. Disabled email accounts and rarely checked email inbox’s where your message ends up does no good at all. Why waste your resources and time sending to such places? When your message lands on the inbox of a real person, you stand a higher chance of success through a conversion.

The difference in email lists that have not been cleaned compared to those lists of emails which have been ran through our cleaning service can be as high as 70% full of invalid ones. Did you know that your customers change emails more frequently now than in the past due to the availability of free services, job changes, and the influx of Spam on both personal and business accounts.

Sometimes changing an email is easier than combating the amount of Spam they receive. When they change their email it no longer exists. When a email address no longer exists, it means that you will get what is called a “bounce back” from the server that you are sending to. A bounce back (also known as a “returned email” or “account no longer exists” message) is bad news for your email marketing campaign. So what does this say about email Spam and email marketing in general? Why do Spammers send so much and so often? Because it works. So start your email list scrubbing to remove the bad guys today!

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