With every passing day, someone with the hottest new social media trend or messaging app screams – this is the end of email! Email marketing will be dead, gone, finished! This is where customers will flock at and purchase!

Then a few weeks later when the bandwagon types that embraced the new flavor of the week realized their sales are declining from the lack of paying attention to what works – email marketing – then they crawl back to the facts. See, the email address was sort of the original mainstream communication thingy that took root. Other services like social media platforms, messaging apps, and forums all rely on – email! Yes, the very thing that wish didn’t exist is also the tool they use for registration of their own service. Ironic isn’t it?

As popular as Twitter and Facebook is, and yet we still get emails from them that someone followed or commented on a status. No matter how much new media enthusiasts want email to die, it just won’t be happening for years to come. Email marketing is stable, it converts higher than any known communication tool, and you reach the inbox of what the majority of your customers consider their “go to” place for paying bills, online purchases, staying in touch, and the hundreds of other reasons of checking their email.

This very same reason is why you need to still be actively integrating email marketing in your business goals. It works.

There are many ways to get started email marketing, like signing up for a campaign platform like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, and dozens more notable ones, then start building your list from your blog or website. Purchasing email lists can also be done from a pre opt in subscriber company. You can buy your leads already built.

However as you build your email list for marketing, we encourage you to keep it clean from bad emails and SPAM. Our services for bulk email verification will keep your lists humming with active subscribers and out of trouble with the email servers due to bounce back rates.

So when accuracy counts in the still alive method of email marketing, count on BulkEmailVerifier.com to be your partner in service. We have been helping email marketers since 2010 and we are the proud leader in email list cleaning for thousands of companies large and small.

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