Do you run a email collection form on your website, software, or online service? Are you also interested in keeping those subscribers who sign up fresh and active on your lists for continued communication or sales leads? Our email API for instant verification is best suited for your needs.

With our Email Verification API, you can integrate our bulk email verifier technology directly into your own products and services delivered through your website or SaaS model. Each time a new subscriber joins your service or connects in some way to your email list – our API can do the burden of instantly verifying the users email address for validity. By doing this, only valid emails make it to your email list without the worry of lost communication because of SPAM, fake emails, or user generated typos.

Eliminate waste and wondering through our API service that delivers fast checking and the best value you will find.

Here are a few ways our email verification API will benefit your business:

  • If you run lead generation websites, forums, and blogs. Our Email API will minimize your visitors from entering false emails or typos.
  • Have E-Commerce shopping carts or checkout systems. Then our API will let your customers enter a valid email address and receive their order details. This saves your business crucial customer service time.
  • If you run a Customer Service Call Center. Our Email Verification API will give your business an ability to add real-time validation to customer email collection.
  • Have a SaaS, online service or social media product. Any service that requires a user’s email during signup then our Email Validation API will work for you.

Get started today and learn more about our Email Verification API to instantly verify your subscribers! Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss custom solutions for your project today.