In order to help the clever Mac user we have built a simple email verifier software for Mac that you can place in your dock or on your desktop. This new quickly installed software can make the free email verifier tool we host here on our site for individual lookups much more easier to find when you need it.

Email Verifier on Mac DockYou can see how the software can be bookmarked to your dock in this example. Placing the software as a shortcut in your dock gives you the ability to retrieve our online email verifier anytime when using your Mac computer. The System Requirements for our Email Verifier software for Mac is Intel based hardware running Mac OSX 10.6.1 and higher. The installation requires less than 30 seconds of your time to be up and running.

If you experience any issues with installation after your download, verify that you have the correct software settings active on your Mac. Mac OSX has a feature inside of your System Preferences called “Security & Privacy” that you will need to adjust if you run into an error message after downloading.

To enable all software, open up System Preferences from the Apple menu in the top left corner of your desktop.

System Preferences

Then choose “Security & Privacy” in the icon lineup to access the correct screen that you will need.

After you have located this area, select the “General” tab if it is not already selected. You may have to click the lock to make changes in the lower left corner of this screen. Some Macs have this enabled by default.

Next you will find the text at the bottom of this screen that says “Allow apps downloaded from:” and you will select “Anywhere” as shown below.


Once this is selected you should be able to unzip your download and run the software as normal. This setting will often also fix other Mac software issues so having it enabled can reduce your error messages for more programs in the future.

You have now installed our Email verifier software for Mac OSX with the ability to verify an email address and see if it is valid or not anytime you would like. Enjoy the software Mac users! Begin your download below!

Download Mac Email Verifier