Using a email verify to scrub up your lists of email is a critical part of an email marketing plan for any business, including yours. Marketers wonder what a email verify service is and how it can help them. So what ways can running an email verify assist? Read on…

First, let us describe how an email verify service works here on, that way you will know some of the technical concepts on the way we can take your email addresses after uploading your list for cleaning on our service and scrub them.

How A Email Verify Can Help:

An email verify service like ours is still a trend breaking concept to email marketers like you when it comes to the quality of email. Email marketing is alive and well, but the problem is that many businesses are attempting to email SPAM addresses or emails that are no longer valid. Some people are buying what are known as “email lists” of pre-built email contacts from list brokers.

However another problem is the amount of turnover in the current workforce, and it does not take long for an email address to go dormant after the company suspends or deletes the email account. Only about 40% to 60% still could be relevant, even in a few months time because data changes extremely fast. The addresses for email contacts in this economy might be good one week, and gone the next. So that means keeping your email list clean is is a hard as ever and an email verify service like ours can certainly help resolve this.

Using a custom 3 way process only at, our email scanning, pinging, and cross referencing multiple MX records techniques –  can have you a very close method to ensure 90% and higher coverage that any email address you scan on our system comes back accurately. When the email address is identified as being valid and still a live account, we mark it in the results. For all others, we mark as bad. We are constantly enhancing our email verifier algorithm to ensure you have the fullest confidence is cleaning your email lists.

This is why we have built the technology of a email verifier that allows you to upload your email list to our system and while we can’t disclose exactly how it works due to the competition, we assure that if you are in the need for a email verify service like ours then you have now discovered the leader in this technology right here at!

We look forward to helping you succeed in your email verify needs! Start now below!

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