Do I need to download and install any software?

No. is an online service. Just log-in and go for it!

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Will my IP get blocked?

No. Our servers do all the work. Your IP is totally safe.

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How are email addresses checked?

We check each and every email at 3 levels:

  1. Syntax – Is the address in the right format? (e.g.
  2. MX – Does a mail server exist for a domain?
  3. Mailbox – Our server talks to remote mail server and asks “Does this mail box exist?”

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How fast is it?

Very. For the technically minded, we run multi-threaded software services on our servers to ensure we can check more than a thousand emails per minute.

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I paid by PayPal, but I haven’t received my login details yet?

When paying by PayPal, sometimes there is an occasional delay in their provisioning service. Please allow up to 30 minutes for your login information to arrive to the email you signed up with. Also, check your SPAM folders as occasionally some email clients may mistaken your arrival email.

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How do I upload emails into the system?

There are 2 methods:

  1. File import – Upload any text(.txt) or CSV (.csv) file that contains email addresses. This includes Excel (export as .csv), Outlook (export as .CSV) or any other application that can support exporting as text (almost all applications support this.
  2. Copy/paste – For small numbers of emails (up to 500), you can simply copy from your application and paste directly into our import screen.

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How do I export results out of the system?

You can export results as a CSV file.

Built in filtering allow you to export ALL, Bad, OK or blocked/rejected status email addresses.

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Are there any emails that can’t be checked?

For servers that we know give problems, such as those that give false positives (catch-all), we flag the email address appropriately.

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How accurate is this service?

Very. For various technical reasons, it is the most accurate service that you can find anywhere and we aim for over 95% overall accuracy of invalid/good emails based on a typical list.

We are so confident of our claims that we back them up with a full satisfaction money back guarantee*. Find a more accurate email address checker and we’ll give you your monthly subscription fee back with no questions asked*.

* subject to our Terms & Conditions

Here are some of the features that we do offer that are not available in our competitors solutions:

  • Grey list management – Grey listing is implemented on approximately 10% of the worlds email servers. It is a technology that reduces spam by rejecting initial email delivery attempts. Other email checkers can’t deal with this response, ours can! Hence we get more accurate results.
  • Server based – Many other checkers are downloads that you run from your computer. There are many problems with this approach including mail servers not “talking” to dynamic IP addresses (i.e. as assigned by your ISP) and potential blocking of your IP address all together for high volumes of queries. Our service runs on servers and do not experience the problems of desktop checkers.

These features are key to why our service is the most accurate available.

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Does your service detect spam trap emails?

We don’t tag spam trap emails as they are a constantly moving target. Any spam trap database is instantly out of date the moment it’s published as new spam trap emails are probably created every second of every day.

We looked at providing this feature but felt that we couldn’t do it accurately enough to back it up with a “stated accuracy” figure as we do with overall accuracy. Interestingly, we’ve never had a complaint (in the years of running our other checking services) about inaccuracy from detecting spam trap emails.

In our product design, we focused more on core accuracy (which we beat PC based checkers on by a substantial margin). Maybe we’ll re-visit spam tram addresses in a future release.

What does the status “Unknown” say about a checked email address?

Our technology will never give the same coverage as sending an actual email, but should make a massive difference to hard bounce rates. Our recommendation is always to mail only to the OK file, and splice in segments from the unknown file into your list over a period time. This will help reduce bounce rates. So for Unknown, it means the chance could go either way – valid or not valid – and the email server your source email resides on is questionable by our testing methods.

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How often should I check my email addresses?

For large lists (i.e. > 10,000), we suggest checking every 2 weeks. Smaller lists can be checked monthly

Email addresses are always changing. People change email addresses as they (for example):

  • Move Internet providers
  • Move to a new employer
  • Change name (e.g. after getting married)

If your business relies on email lists for its marketing, it’s important that you keep the lists current and “clean” to maximize your target potential and reduce the overheads associated with managing too many “bounced” emails. This is why we recommend frequent checking.

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How do I sign up?

Go to our purchase page and choose a plan to suit your needs. Once you’ve completed checkout, the account will be created automatically online.

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How do I cancel?

Our service is so good that we hope that you won’t need to cancel! However, if you do, we are proud of our simple cancellation process. Unlike many other companies, there are no emails to write, phone calls to make or hassle with fine print and “minimum term” contracts.

Simply log-on, go to your “account” page and hit the “Cancel” button. Once you have cancelled your plan, you will not be charged from that point on.

Once you’ve cancelled your service, we’ll disable your account and make sure that all your data is securely disposed of (deleted).

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Do you offer an API service?

Yes, we do have an API if you require customization for your own project. Learn more about our Bulk Email Verification API.

How secure is my data?

Very. We take your security and confidentiality seriously. We know that your email lists are confidential and we do everything we can to make sure that they stay that way!

Your data is held securely in US and EU data centers. As well as physical security of “locked” server rooms, we use strong password security in our software services. This means that no-one other than you can see your data.

Also, if you choose to cancel your plan at any time, we undertake to destroy / delete your data so that it cannot be retrieved or viewed by any other parties.

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Do you share my email lists or use them in any other way?

No, never. No one other than you has access to your data / email lists.

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You say your service has re-invented the wheel from traditional bulk email providers. What does this mean exactly and how has it done that?

We like to consider that we re-invented the process with an online service that requires no risk to the user or our servers by testing through the three levels – BulkEmailVerifier customers can upload emails through the company’s site without downloading any software. Emails are verified through a three step process: first it verifies whether the email address is in the proper format (i.e.; second, the service pings the domain name; finally the service checks whether the local part of the email address is valid to the associated domain.

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How quickly does it verify emails? How many emails at one time does it verify?

BulkEmailVerifier can verify about 500,000 emails a day at the rate of 100,000 per hour.

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For custom jobs, what is the pricing and turn-around time?

We can process roughly 500,000 daily per job, and pricing depends on the quantity.

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What browsers do you support?

Generally, anything that is younger (as of December 2015) than 2 years old. Including:

  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (version 9+)
  • Firefox (version 3+)
  • Chrome
  • Opera

As this is an Internet based service, it means that it runs happily on any operating system including Mac, PC, Linux, Unix etc.

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Do you offer a trial service?

You can test individual emails for free on our homepage demo. We believe that our entry level service delivers substantial business benefit at a low cost. For a small fee, you get access to our system for several days and can asses whether it fits your requirements with minimal risk or expense.

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