In this short but informative article on we review how to clean your email list with us for the best results. Cleaning your email list is very important. We have covered reasons in the past that you should like in this article or in this timely reference read by thousands at the time of its posting.

It does not remain important as to what type of business you operated, cleaning your email list is important for hygiene and removing old and out-dated email addresses that are no longer active. If an email address no longer exists, it means that you will get what is called a “bounce back” from the server that you are sending to. A bounce back (also known as a “returned email” or “account no longer exists” message) is bad news for your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing platforms like AWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and GetResponse do not like bounce backs visit the site. It makes for trouble with their Internet Service Providers which spells trouble for you and a requirement for you to delete them from your list before your next send.

The email address has become disposable, especially to the latest generation of Internet users who will start a new address like it is nothing because of the high availability of free email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, GMX, and many others. Not to mention the continued high employment turnover rates around the globe in a still fragile global economy in recovery mode that leaves business emails to be questioned for accuracy on your contacts.

So what are you waiting for? A bounce back? Get started cleaning and we will walk you through how to clean your email list on the other side! See you there!

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