Spam is a growing problem even today in the email marketing world. It gives valid email marketers a bad name, so much that millions across the world daily cringe to open their email box and find maybe 3 valid messages and the rest to be Spam. So what does this say about email Spam and email marketing in general? Why do Spammers send so much and so often? Because it works. Email marketing still works with a higher ROI than Social media marketing.

If it didn’t, the Spam problem would fix itself and would eventually fizzle out. But the fact is, people still open these emails and they still take action to what ever it usually said in them.

So where does that leave you? As an ethical email marketer you are fighting to keep invalid and dead-end emails off your list and your message front and center to real prospects. It’s a challenge that seems to get harder each day that passes. One solution that we naturally recommend is keeping expired and irrelevant emails off your list on a regular basis.

Cleaning your email lists monthly should be a norm, and here’s why –

1. By removing outdated email addresses, you can significantly reduce your bounce rate from the servers that provide your email marketing blasts (Think Aweber, Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp, your own system, etc.) and by doing that you stay out of their cross-hairs and warning systems. Too many warnings, and you will find yourself switching platforms or even out of business.

2. Reducing invalid emails on your list keeps your message going to real people. Fake email accounts and rarely checked email inboxes where your message ends up does no good at all. Why waste your resources and time sending to such places? When your message lands on the inbox of a real person, you stand a higher chance of success through a conversion.

While bots and Spam accounts do plenty to make noise, traffic and clicks on the Internet, they rarely spend any money on your product or service! Right? So stop wasting your time with dead-beat email addresses and refocus your time and efforts on a clean email list with real people at today.

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