Is your email bounce rate too high when you send out marketing campaigns to your list subscribers? Did you know that scrubbing email lists will produce better results for your ROI and keep your servers happier? has been providing email scrub services for years and knows what it takes to keep your list clean and only containing active prospects.

Take your email campaign to the next level and produce clean leads. Sending out emails to SPAM addresses or defunct subscribers wastes your time and technical resources, which can cost you money. Email marketing providers invest a heavy amount into their servers and other technology oriented services that are required to send millions of emails each day.

Those same providers do not want you to have bad emails and prefer you reduce your bounce rate by scrubbing email lists and deleted those addresses that are no longer valid.

When you clean your email list through a scrub service like ours, invalid emails will be removed and you are given back true emails that are still existent and eager to hear about your products or services. Those valid emails are your customer based and where your ROI remains.

The difference in email lists that have not been cleaned compared to those lists of emails which have been ran through our cleaning service can be as high as 70% full of duds. Your customers change emails more frequently now than in the past due to the availability of free services, job changes, and the influx of Spam on both personal and business accounts. Sometimes changing an email is easier than combating the amount of Spam they receive.

When they change their email address, your connection to them gets cut off also. And when your connection gets cut off, it means their old address is still on your list and at the time you do a email campaign, you will receive a bounce back because the address no longer exists. You need to take that old email off your sender list by scrubbing email lists on a regular basis.

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