5 email marketing tools to boost sales

Wow! There are almost 270 Billion email sending and receiving events that happen every day! Email marketing is more effective and powerful than any other marketing tool you can find. That’s still true for 2018.

So why not fire up your email marketing and target your customers with these 5 awesome tools that are sure to improve your sales results!


BulkEmailVerifier.com is an online service, nothing to install or download, and you can instantly start purging bad email addresses off your list for good. What happens after that os amazing! You’ll be left with high converting and active customers who want to hear about what you are selling.

Before anything else, take advantage of bulk email verification before trying to optimize your conversions. You’ll win big time!

InfusionSoft Email Automation

Trigger emails, surge calls, and even boost other actions based on your customer’s behavior. This tool is great at boosting the outreach strategy of your business when email marketing. InfusionSoft also lets you create and send email sequences to target your leads through greater outreach.

Followup Software (Followup.cc)

This is a tool that does what it sounds like, follow up! The software is awesome to email marketers who spend a lot of time selling products and services to other businesses. You can send follow-up emails easily and automate the entire process, saving you some time for other marketing moves.


After you have cleaned your email list, it’s time to crush it with OptinMonster. 600,000+ websites are already using OptinMonster to improve conversions, so why aren’t you? Website lead generation is a breeze with this software and you can setup pop-up messages and embed email opt-in forms on your blog in minutes.


How can you claim to be a email marketing expert if you don’t know what your customers are doing with the emails you send? MailTrack is exactly what you need, especially if your customers are using Gmail. Who’s not right?

MailTrack is a email marketing tool that will definitely help you track all the emails on Gmail or Google Inbox accounts to know exactly when someone has opened and read the emails you’re sending.

These 5 awesome email marketing tools will have your revenue hitting new highs and staying ahead of the competition. Push your sales higher and start right away!