Running and operating a volunteer organization is hard enough, much less finding and keeping contact with the volunteers that help contribute at them. The email address is the most common way that volunteer organizations use to keep in contact with their volunteer workers or partner agencies. So what happens with those email addresses become invalid? They seek email list management of course.

Email list management is not as hard as it sounds. The process has become very simplified over the years thanks to and with easy to use clients and managers that know this fact. But one thing that has grown with this ease of use is the increasing fact that spam and invalid email addresses are on the rise. So what you can you do to reduce bad volunteer emails from your lists and ensure easier management of them? Clean them up and keep only the good emails.

Cleaning your email lists before uploading to your volunteer management platform (also called a VMP or email sender) is a must. Any type of volunteer service or email server provider would be more than happy for you to keep proper list hygiene as a norm before sending out any sort of marketing emails to your volunteers. At the rate email addresses expire these days, you should clean your volunteer email lists no less than once per month to keep an active head count.

Volunteer organizations seeking email list management prefer to reduce the amount of “bounce back” received from dead or invalid email addresses. You don’t want to be known as a bad agency and you should only seek fresh and real volunteers on your list. You know you are targeting only live accounts that will receive your email message when you are seeking some help.

Invalid emails on your list are worth nothing to your overall efforts and can even make your efforts worst or higher your costs, something organizations like yours can’t afford. Our online service uses your Excel or CSV file so you don’t have to change your list formats. You can upload your list to our special system and remove bad or invalid volunteer emails quickly to get your outreach campaign back up and going.

There is no better time to take this next step and clean your email list, get started with today!

Email List Management Packages